Unas cuantas cosas sobre la normativización del aragonés / A few things about normativisation of the Aragonese language

New paper published on Revista de Filología Románica, 35 (2). Edited by Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In recent decades, there has been a debate over the Aragonese standardization that has become more intense with the approval of the Aragon languages law in 2009, and its amendment in 2013. Thus, a stance considers that linguistic policy should be carried out directly on diatopic varieties and other view believes better a standardization and normalization arounda common model.

This article summarizes the central issues of the debate from the viewpoint of a supporter of standardization and normalization focused on a common model, using the latest interactive public discussion held with one of the defenders of language planning around diatopic varieties, Professor José Luis Mendivil.

Firstly, we discuss and analyse the main arguments for a normativization and a normalization around diatopic varieties of the Aragonese language, second, we summarize the main arguments for the establishment of a common model of the Aragonese and finally we throw a few brief questions and comments to supporters of a language policy focused on varieties.